Until this becomes a reality

When we started this blog, we had just come out of a war. Wounded and traumatized by the responses of our people and community, we decided to create this blog, a window to our pursuit of peace.

Moving On . . . 

During the past three years, writing for Another Voice became a very much looked-forward-to part of my life. Even though I was sometimes late meeting deadlines, I always enjoyed the opportunity to express my views and my heart.

A Farewell

When the blog began, it was an important outlet for me.  I felt there were too few voices seeking to speak peace into the violence and anger following the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict.

Can I Participate If I Disagree?

Some time ago Bee and I were discussing our shared frustration at similar experiences.  Bee attended a religious event with a particular theological inclination different from hers, and I attended a cultural event with strong political affiliations different from mine.

A Familiar Discomfort 

How did it happen that it all feels so familiar – riots, violence, bloodshed, and the lead-like weights on my heart making it hard to breathe or even think?

Hear the Footsteps

I write as “Q” because I continually question. I address the same questions to God, to myself and to my fellow travelers on the Way. I write as “Q” because I consistently experience my life as an ongoing quest.