Can I Participate If I Disagree?

Some time ago Bee and I were discussing our shared frustration at similar experiences.  Bee attended a religious event with a particular theological inclination different from hers, and I attended a cultural event with strong political affiliations different from mine.

A Familiar Discomfort 

How did it happen that it all feels so familiar – riots, violence, bloodshed, and the lead-like weights on my heart making it hard to breathe or even think?

Hear the Footsteps

I write as “Q” because I continually question. I address the same questions to God, to myself and to my fellow travelers on the Way. I write as “Q” because I consistently experience my life as an ongoing quest.


I almost fell out of the window! Sitting on the windowsill 3 floors up leaning out to try and clean the window from the outside. Whizz, pop, bang, whizz, pop, bang as the tear gas canisters flew past me. They almost hit my car below.