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How to pickle green olives - Palestinian Recipe

This month, many Palestinians go to their lands/farms to pick olives. It is the time where both immediate and distant family members come together to harvest their lands. Most of the olives picked will be turned into oil, and some will be pickled and eaten as a side dish throughout the year.  In honor of those who are sweating in their land and those denied access to it, we share a simple recipe of how to pickle your own olives.

Water, Water-Everywhere???

Water - one of the most common elements of life. It’s everywhere - from the cells of our bodies to the far reaches of our universe. We cannot live without it. These days, we hear much about “global warming” and the impact it may be having on our planet, including droughts. Many parts of the Middle East are water starved and, as populations increase, there is often not enough water to meet everyone’s need. 

Bottle of Water

Recently, I participated in a meeting where a group of Israelis and Palestinians discussed ways to work together. This meeting had a heavy cloud over it because we all knew that our governments are ineffective in bringing positive change to our peoples. Yet we met, trying to do what our leaders are not. We sought to find some sort of hope in a dysfunctional system. 

5 Reasons Palestinian Women Gain Weight While Pregnant

1) Everyone wants to spoil you when you’re pregnant.

The minute your family and family-in-law find out you’re pregnant, they start treating you extra nice. They treat you like you can’t be touched. They yell at the children who run around you, and they won’t let you carry or do anything that would make you a little tired. You start feeling like you have a disease!

What Olives Mean to Palestinians

The fall is the time of the olive harvest in Palestine.  It is something we eagerly anticipate every year, and it signifies that our collective effort to gather fruit can produce a beautiful and meaningful outcome in the olives and olive oil. Here are a few reasons that olives, olive oil and olive trees are important to the Palestinian people.

Like Mixing Oil and Water

In 2014, I spent a majority of my summer in Israel and Palestine. To my surprise, I found myself arriving just as war broke out between these two countries. As an American, seeing war take place on my land, in my lifetime, would be an extremely rare occurrence, if ever. This fact, in and of itself, is a privilege that many other countries cannot share. Despite the war  occurring around me, a major lesson I walked away with was that of my own privilege.

This is my Home

It’s been almost 19 years since I first left home and moved to the Middle East. I don’t quite know what I thought I had to offer to a centuries-old conflict, but I felt called to go – and off I went! It’s been such an adventure, and there are still a few chapters to go (I hope).