All in Hope

Come 2017 - For We Shall Overcome

I’ve been thinking what I can share with you in this new year.  The past several weeks have been unusually difficult for me.  Like most couples, my husband and I work very hard, pouring countless hours into our professions and into our family.  When we go on vacation, we often go with our young children.  This time, my husband I decided to take a trip alone, a short getaway to Paris.  

Women: The Original Witnesses to Resurrection and Life

Hope, life, renewal, rebirth. These aren’t things we see much of these days with the ongoing violence and rhetoric of death. Honestly, things look pretty dismal both here and in many parts of the world. It seems the extremists are getting the stage, while the rest of us simply look on.

The Israeli Shared Taxi: A Reflection on Our Diversity

I’m someone who travels a lot by public transport. I’m often on buses, trains and shared taxis. Shared taxis are a great way to travel between cities. They are generally faster than buses and usually more comfortable. They can carry a maximum of ten passengers and, although they follow normal bus routes, they will make stops along the way wherever the passenger wants.

Choose the Light

In this dark season our hearts turn to the ever rising sun where, day upon day, it rises from the embrace of the night. So it is with our souls-mornings do come, whether misted, fogged or bright. In this season of long nights, the star from the East once rose, lit the night sky, sent Magi on their long journey, seeking and finding the promised One who came to illuminate the darkness with his presence, the promise of deliverance. He has come and his light shattered the power of darkness forever. In this place where it all began, we carry this ever bright reality in the midst of a fallen world and an increasingly perverse generation.

An Unlikely Friendship, Part 1 of 2

In 2011, my employer encouraged me to see beyond the present as I had been working and teaching in the same institution for several years.  That July, I applied to study at Tel Aviv University’s Sofaer International program.  I had two main hesitations.  First, I wasn’t sure if I would be accepted as a business degree is quite different from the degree I studied for my BA.  Second, I am a Palestinian; Tel Aviv is in Israel.

8 Reflections on a Year of Blogging

A month ago, we passed a significant milestone after blogging together for 1 year, a milestone that passed in the midst of renewed violence in Palestine and Israel. In this year, we have shared laughter, tears and frustration and have grown in the process of sharing our hearts with each other and with you, our readers. Our bloggers each decided to share what this past year has meant to them:  

5 Reasons I Blog: A One Year Anniversary

As I type this today (early October 2015), there is a lot happening around me. Innocent people killed, people stabbed, others attacked, children are beaten. Everyone is talking about a third intifada. I pray that it will not be so.

The Common Language of Grief

I had just returned from an extended and very much needed Easter/Passover break when there was a knock on the door of my office.

"B's mother passed away and this is the last day we can visit. Do you want to come with us?"

Friendships across Borders

Recently, a few of my friends from Jerusalem invited me and my kids to join them and their children for a picnic on a spring day. Due to logistics, we planned it a few weeks before to make sure everyone had the afternoon off of work, that our children would be home from school, and most notably, that it would be during the Easter permit period when Christians have permission to enter Israel.