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5 Reasons Palestinian Women Gain Weight While Pregnant

1) Everyone wants to spoil you when you’re pregnant.

The minute your family and family-in-law find out you’re pregnant, they start treating you extra nice. They treat you like you can’t be touched. They yell at the children who run around you, and they won’t let you carry or do anything that would make you a little tired. You start feeling like you have a disease!

9 Joys and Challenges of a Palestinian Summer

Palestinian summers are full of mixed emotions for children and parents. Children are excited to have a break from school. Parents are apprehensive as they worry about how they will keep  children busy. Somehow, we manage to find a balance between the joys and challenges of this hot season. And when summer ends, we are happy we made it through.

Pregnancy and the ‘Third Intifada'

I have lately been thinking about how weird it is to be in this time of turmoil, supposedly a “third intifada,” just as I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. It really made me ponder things and the world that I am bringing a child into. I can be either optimistic or pessimistic about it and even find humor in the fact that life never seems boring these days. Most of the time, I sway between all three in the same week!

A mother’s cry

Now that the war is over, my son decided to come and visit. He came for many different reasons, one being that his sister-in-law is getting married, and the other that he was hoping to baptize his daughter. Well, how can this happen? Where can he visit? Is it Gaza or the West Bank?