All in Palestinian Christians

Diversity: Between Apocalyptics and Advocates

As Christians, we believe that as a community we should get along, yet at times we fail at implementing this ideal. On a collective scale, there are significant differences between the Messianic Jewish community and the Palestinian Evangelical community regarding how we view peace and how we put it into practice. Of course this is a generalization and there are individuals who think differently than the majority, but collectively, we are moving in distinctly opposite directions.

A West Banker Goes to Haifa

My husband and I took this opportunity to go visit our friends in Haifa and Shfa Amr, since my husband has a three-month permit, which Israel granted to most Christians in the West Bank. I had been to both Haifa and Shfa Amr previously, but my husband had never been to either in his last 26 years living in the West Bank. It surprised a lot of people to hear that it was his first time visiting Haifa, particularly since it’s only an hour away from Ramallah (without checkpoints, etc.). Most people in Haifa and the North don’t understand the lack of opportunities that West Bankers have to visit 1948 Israeli occupied areas such as Haifa.

Palestinians(Arabs) role in the Israeli Elections Campaign

As we approach the Israeli elections day, each party has a limited period of time to share their vision and goals to the public. Posters, advertisements, online commercials and flyers are being distributed to inform and convince voters. As a member of the Palestinian minority in Israel with a right to vote, I want to know what each party has to offer me and my minority in the state. 

Palestinian Arameans

There is a specific event circulating in the news for a while now, and it is just one of those articles that i am deeply conflicted about. The one I am inclined to name. I don't want to just express my thoughts about it or react to it, so i am trying to see through the symptoms and think about the core issues at stake.  

The Humanist!

And then came the labeling. I was given several, and some of them were: focused on feelings in general, focused on living in occupation, focused on injustice and humanism. These are probably the best insults I could ask for! But I think the purpose was to offend me or degrade me in some way. So, I was confused the most about being labelled “humanistic”. What does that mean?