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3 Prayers for Palestinian Mother’s Day

Being a mother for the first time is such a surreal experience. You need some time to wrap your head around the idea that a little human being has come into this world and is fully and completely reliant on you. While it's a lot of pressure to handle, it's the most beautiful thing to know that you are nourishing and growing this baby and that you are the most essential part of their happiness.

6 Reasons Christmas is Special in Bethlehem

I was born and raised in Bethlehem and I have never missed a Christmas in this special town. Christmas is dear to me for many different reasons.  Despite the fact that we live under an occupation and I see land confiscated from my people regularly, despite the ongoing oppression where we are treated in discriminatory and even sub-human ways, I still have hope.  

How to pickle green olives - Palestinian Recipe

This month, many Palestinians go to their lands/farms to pick olives. It is the time where both immediate and distant family members come together to harvest their lands. Most of the olives picked will be turned into oil, and some will be pickled and eaten as a side dish throughout the year.  In honor of those who are sweating in their land and those denied access to it, we share a simple recipe of how to pickle your own olives.

5 Ways Palestinian Eastern Orthodox Easter is Unique

Since Easter is here, I wanted to let the Western world learn about some Easter traditions that are particular to the Eastern world and the Eastern Church. Although there are many Western traditions that the Eastern world has adopted, such as egg hunting, and decorating our homes with bunnies and baskets, there are still some Easter traditions that are unique to this side of the world.

5 Reasons Palestinian Women Gain Weight While Pregnant

1) Everyone wants to spoil you when you’re pregnant.

The minute your family and family-in-law find out you’re pregnant, they start treating you extra nice. They treat you like you can’t be touched. They yell at the children who run around you, and they won’t let you carry or do anything that would make you a little tired. You start feeling like you have a disease!

What Olives Mean to Palestinians

The fall is the time of the olive harvest in Palestine.  It is something we eagerly anticipate every year, and it signifies that our collective effort to gather fruit can produce a beautiful and meaningful outcome in the olives and olive oil. Here are a few reasons that olives, olive oil and olive trees are important to the Palestinian people.