Site Metrics (October 1st, 2016)

For our two year anniversary, we would like to share some of our site metrics as a way to celebrate our achievements with you. These numbers are one way to show the support and solidarity we have felt from each and every one of our readers. From all of us at Another Voice, we would like to thank you for your interest, your questions, and your readership. Also, thank you to all of you who have shared in our vision, and who have shared our content with others. 

* All data has been collected from Google Analytics.

Visitors Overview

For the past two years, we can see that the returning visitors to our website comprise 79.5% of our readership, whereas new visitors comprise 20.5%. New visitors refers to the number of visitors who have visited Another Voice for the first time. Returning visitors refers to readers who visited Another Voice more than once.

Audience Overview

Users refers to new and returning users who have had at least one engagement on the website. We started our blog in October 2014 with 0 users, to 33,294 in October 2015, to 96,581 in October 2016. While in users, 33,295 recorded in October 2015, and 54,555 in October 2016

Page views refers to the total number of pages viewed. Users refers to those who have had one session within the selected date range. Repeated views of the same page are not included.  

Acquisition Overview

This shows where the visitors found us. 47.9% of our visitors came from social media (Facebook and Twitter to be exact); 26.3% through organic searches (searching keywords on Google); 17% have entered our website directly; 7.6% were referred to our website; 1.2% from their email.

Top 5 Countries Viewing Our Content

The percentages per countries calculates the total number of sessions within a period of time that users are actually actively engaged with our website. USA, 36.81%; Israel, 17.12%; UK, 7.14%; Palestine, 7.11%; and Canada, 4.39%. 

Another Voice has had visitors from 177 countries so far. 

Thank you for following along and taking part in our journey!