Bee : I am a Palestinian. The way I see it, we have a special relationship with the English letter B. We love to use it and sometimes we find it easier to pronounce than other sounds close to it.  In some words, B is one of those letters that loses its sound and becomes a silent letter. All I can say is that I can relate to that. And in other words, B is visible and soundable. 

Alice through the Looking Glass: Mother, Messianic Jew, wife, employee, activist, supporter of good ideas, friend, spokesperson and listener. 

I came to live in Israel 25 years ago from the East Coast of America. I can't believe the changes that have occurred since I grew up in Philadelphia, served five years in the US Army, finished with drugs and fast living by calling out to God, learned Messianic Jewish theology (which encouraged me to move to Israel in the first place), married, raised two lovely ladies and finally rejected the theology (or most of it) which convinced me to make such drastic changes in my life. 

Who am I?  Hopefully a bit wiser, a bit more merciful (even though my friends still joke with me that I'm a rude Jew from New York), a bit more balanced in my world view, more open to other ideas and the plight of others, and not at all scared of what others may think of me or my opinions.

Alice's content is no longer available.

Goody Two Shoes:  Goody Two Shoes lives in Jerusalem and tries to live a better Two Shoed life. Two Shoes wears many different shoes and dislikes stepping on chewing gum and dog poo. Two Shoes likes to play in the fallen leaves but sometimes lurking beneath are sticky and smelly things causing messy situations. Goody Two Shoes skips down the straight and narrow path of life hoping the soles of her Two Shoes will not give way and cause Two Shoes's socks to get wet. Anybody else like Goody Two Shoes? It should be noted Goody Two Shoes deals with life's stresses and living in a conflicted area through humour.

Goody Two Shoes' content is no longer available. 

I. : I can only speak for myself. A watcher, a doer, a carer, a wife, a mother. I'm an American-Israeli Messianic Jewish Jerusalemite. I've spent nearly all my adult life here and I've matured in between war and peace encounters. There is always something new to learn, something sharp and unexpected to challenge my views. I accept this challenge, and willingly wrestle with it. I value people and relationships, and I strive to see the common humanity between all of us in this city's diversity. I love this mad, beautiful city for its multiculturalism and history. I hurt for this city of pain and hatred, where 'unified' is a political term with positive/negative connotations depending on one's political leaning. Moments of beauty and pain can be found everywhere. I hold tight to moments of hope and redemption, snapshots of what this city can be if we all work to make it a better one.   

Y. : Y represents why, or my search for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions in this place and the situations I encounter here. Why is the situation like this? What can be done about it? What is my part in it all?

I am an American married to an Israeli and a mother.  I came here to study the conflict and chose to build a life and family here despite how impossible the situation seems. This land of contrasts continues to surprise, baffle and frustrate me and is so full of pain, yet I love it.

I continue to hope that the believing communities in this land will pursue peace rather than strife and that this will be a light to those around us. I hope that this blog will spark constructive discussions about how we can do this and give voice to ideas and perspectives we do not normally hear. Ultimately, I desire for healing for our societies and that my children would become adults in a very different reality than we have today. 

Abbsi: I am a Palestinian woman. A wife, mother, sister, daughter and most importantly an advocate for peace.

I am not pretty from the outside, and the way I look is funny, but the inside has more stories than the outside.  I am a simple character who loves her comrades, her people, but happens to be at the wrong place, and at the wrong time. This brings me to ask questions like: Why me?  

My intentions are always good, but good does not always come out of them. That is why I decided to share parts of my story and the story of my people, even if it happens to be at the wrong time.  At the very least, I hope to be heard.  

[For those who might not know, Abbsi is a famous cartoon character from a children's show in the 1980s.  Abbsi is a very memorable character among Palestinians, and probably Middle Easterners as well.]

Tootsie Pop:  I am a Palestinian woman who has lived in several places in such little time. I have a very strong tie to my Palestinian roots, but I also feel close to Western culture. On the outside I am sweet and social, but can be a little stubborn (like the candy on the tootsie pop). However, the deeper you get to know me, the more vulnerable I become (like the gooey stuff in the middle). Also, I picked that name because I just love candy, and basically anything with sugar, especially homemade desserts! I hope to share a few recipes on the blog :) 

Q. : Q is an Israeli Messianic Jewish woman. She's married and has grandchildren. Q is for quest after truth and question everything. This blog not only allows a woman's voice, it encourages it. As we are more than half of the population we need to be heard.